Our customers work in the following industries and are European or even world market leaders in their field:

  • cars
  • trucks
  • agricultural machines
  • aircraft

  • large OEM suppliers
  • tool and die manufacturers
  • machine and plant fabricators

  • gantry milling machines
  • boring mills
  • carousel lathes
  • precision grinding machines
  • presses and other forming machines
  • plastic film and vacuum machinery
  • coal, mining and raw materials
  • ovens and foundry equipment
  • testing machines
  • medical industry
  • packaging machines
  • printing machines
  • gas purification plants
  • marine technology and oil-rigs
  • drives, turntables and gear-boxes

  • foundries for aluminium and ductile iron
  • international electric industry
  • electronics and precision industry
With our largest 6 customers, we have a turnover each of 1 - 3 million Euro / year
For many of the above-mentioned customers:
  • we are their main supplier for machine beds and all other large and small mechanical parts,
  • so that our customers can focus on the really important processes in their business
  • and can export from Germany and Europe to the world.
  • Our customers realise with us the largest and most spectacular projects in their industry.