history of Eurocomp and APS

1992-1997: Dr. Braun is CEO of „Müller-Weingarten Werkzeuge GmbH (MW-WZ)“: 350 employees, stamping tools for skin-panels & large diecasting dies.

1993: Foundation of a production company in CZ-Morkov: 50 employees, NC-manufacturing of die base-frames and complete trim-dies.

Morkov and Verovice are situated in one of the core-regions of metal-production with great tradition in the Czech Republic. The highway Nuremberg-Warsaw is at 5 minutes, 15 minutes to Ostrava airport. In 10 km distance are the TATRA-Works: 15.000 employees manufactured trucks and cars at the time.

1997: Leaving MW and foundation of Eurocomp Systems KG in D-Gottmadingen and APS sro in CZ-Morkov.

1998: Jan Porizka starts as CEO at APS.

First orders from Audi, Volkswagen and german machine- and tool-manufacturers.

Sparkasse Engen-Gottmadingen (LBBW-group) finances start-up and extension of both companies. This happened at a time, when Czech was not part of the EU yet !

1998-today: Conversion and extension of factories Morkov 127 & Morkov 109.

1999: Audi sells the gantry milling machine „Waldrich Coburg“ to APS.

1999-today: Building the first hall in Verovice and delivery of the first large components, extensions of the Verovice factory since then.

2000: First shipments to BMW and Honsel.

2001: Delivery of the first complete machines with hydraulics to VW.

2001: First shipments to Daimler.

2002: Delivery of the first complete trim-dies to VW and George Fischer (GF).

2002-2005: Start-up of the boring mill „Schiess“ and other boring mills in Verovice.

1998-today: Audi, BMW, Daimler & Volkswagen sell a total of over 30 machine-tools to APS.

2003: Head-count exceeds 100 persons, working of more than 120 machines.

2004/2005: Starting production of series-parts for George Fischer in D-Gottmadingen.

2005: Start-up of 2 large MECOF NC-milling machines in Verovice.

2006: Trucking the first machines including final assembly directly to final customers (Honda in Italy, Suzuki in Hungary, Swedish Steel in Sweden, Alcan in Russia, a.o.), with pre-acceptance procedure at APS by APS-customers & final customers.

2007: Starting production of series-parts for MAN Trucks in D-Gottmadingen.

2008: Starting production of series-parts for Daimler Truck & Bus in D-Gottmadingen.

2008: Headcount exceeds 150 persons.

2008: Inauguration of the "APS wall-of fame": honoring all employees, who contributed for more than 10 years to the build-up of the company: lead-hands, machinists, fitters, welders and many other professions.

2009: Start-up of the large lathe "Hercules" in Verovice.

2009: Honoring the first customers who continue to order machines and tools for more than 10 years at APS..

2010: Starting production of series-parts for VW/Audi in D-Kassel-Niedenstein.

2010: Starting production of series-parts for Volvo-Trucks in D-Gottmadingen.

2011: Start-up of the large gantry mill "Ingersoll" in Verovice.

2011: Start-up of the new hall for precision assembly in Verovice. Assembly of 8-coloursprint stands

2011: Production and assembling of turnkey facilities for "Bombardier-Aero" in Verovice.

2012: Dismantling of heavy die casting and ejection of inserts in Kassel.

2012: Start-up of "2 big NC drills with NC rotary table" of the brand "Union & Schiess-Moweg" in Verovice.

2012: Production and assembling of "banknote testing machines " in Morkov und Verovice.

2012: Start-up of the "powder based paint shop for machine components with a length of six metres" in Verovice.

2012: Series production with 2 heavy facilities for "differential housings for BMW, VW und ZF" in Gottmadingen.